Leadership Development

Holistic intervention to bring out the leader in you, lead in a manner that helps your team thrive and deliver 5 to 50x return

Demonstrating leadership is quite different from being a leader due to a position or title. Leadership is a state of mind, of heart and of body. It describes a way of being and of interacting with the world that begins from the “Inside out” It requires leaders to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their relationship to others and the world.

Several Leadership initiatives focus just on the ‘competence’ realm of Leadership. The Uniqueness of our program is in its equal focus on ‘consciousness’

To increase awareness on beliefs, emotions and needs that drive actions. A shift in ‘consciousness’ can bring about change that is voluntary, authentic and sustainable.

To increase the ability to perform at a higher realm by acquiring skills & proficiency for better results.

This dual focus on Consciousness and Competence ensures that the change is approached in a more holistic way leading to long term sustainable impact.

Key Elements Of The Program:

Enrich Self

The Leader's understanding of limiting beliefs, emotions and needs that drive action and ability to manage them appropriately. Getting in touch with and operating from a Powerful context that can propel the leader and the team forward.

Empower People

The Leader's ability to bond deeply with each team member, enable them through coaching and feedback, build highly spirited teams and foster collaboration. Demonstrate congruence in thoughts, feelings and actions and display the courage to take a tough stand when necessary.

Enable Business

The Leader demonstrates the ownership necessary to achieve desired results, initiates action, creates systems and establishes accountability structures by enlisting the participation of others.

Action Project

The program also encourages practical application of what has been learnt through live action projects. Leaders are encouraged to apply their learning on some of the high leverage opportunity areas for the organization. This is also time for the organisation to see tangible results emerging from the program with financial benefits ranging from 5 to 50x of the investment.

Our Approach

We believe that leadership development is not just a one time event, It is an ongoing process. In this process we create a space for participants to engage with self and others over a period of time with equal time for reflection and action. This is done through a combination of workshops, individual coaching, small group coaching, other formal and informal ways to interact with all key stakeholders. This kind of intervention format allows for depth and intensity that is needed for powerful shifts.

We also understand that each organization is different and the leadership challenges that they may be facing is also different. Hence the program will be co created keeping in mind the current reality and future aspiration of the organization.

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