Every small business owner aspires to have a business that is independent of themselves. A business that is on auto-pilot mode where they do not have to actively steer every day and every aspect of their business. While it may seem very daunting to a few, it is possible to get there with a little bit of planning & smart work.

Some aspects that have helped me put some of my businesses on auto-pilot are as follows,

Vision & Values:

The first step to making a business independent is to have a clear vision and articulate that to all employees. Aspects like where you want to reach, by when you want to reach there, and most importantly how you want to reach there, in other words, the values of the organization. Articulating this clearly will help employees to have a clear picture of where the business is headed, what is negotiable and what is non-negotiable in terms of values, and how they can succeed by pursuing this vision.

Systems & Process:

Once the vision is set, it is important to establish the rules of the game. In simple words, a system is a method of doing things in a systematic manner and the process is how the work will flow from one step  to another until the work is completed. Establishing this will give direction to employees in terms of their exact role in making things happen and whom should they approach in case there is any problem they encounter.

People & Culture:

The most important part of any business is its people. Most companies are now looking at people as Human Capital than looking at them as Human Resources. The fundamental difference as you can see here is that the resource will be utilized where as capital will be protected and maintained. Most people join a workplace with a lot of aspiration & enthusiasm, it is important to nurture the same with the right set of policies, rewards & recognition. Along with this a little bit of empathy & care when required will go a long way in ensuring their loyalty.

Metrics & Measurement:

A famous management adage says, what is measured can be managed. Defining the metrics & measuring the same is very crucial to know how the nosiness is running. When you drive your car, your dashboard gives you several indicators that help you to alter your driving style and take necessary action in terms of refuelling, maintenance, etc. Likewise in business, it is important to have a dashboard that gives a sneak preview of what is going on and what kind of tweaking is required in order to stay on the right path.

Does this connect to you? Is there anything else that you have done to put your business on auto-pilot, let me know in the comments section

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