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GrowthLeap Caught off guard by a question at work, do you blurt out the first thing that comes to mind? Or do you take a moment to marshal your thoughts?

Most of us are not too adept at thinking on our feet. Extroverts tend to respond with far more information than the situation warrants, while an introvert, at worst, might say nothing.

Over 95% of all business communication is informal, You don't generally have time to prepare speaking notes before bumping into your boss in the hallway – and, even in the age of e-mail, hallway encounters are still important.

Think on Your Feet®, an advanced communication program provides you the skills you need to present, defend, and discuss a position persuasively and fast in such situations.

Think on Your Feet® also helps you to structure your formal communication, be it an email, formal presentation, performance reviews or a high stake board meeting, this business communication workshop helps you to present yourself and your ideas in the best possible way. It is this versatility that makes this program one of the best communication training program.

Use think on your Feet® in these Situations :

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  • Interviews
  • Q & A
  • Elevator speeches
  • Off-the-cuff Project updates
  • Urgent client calls
  • Real-time feedback


Time to Prepare

  • Emails
  • Status updates
  • conference calls
  • Scheduled meetings
  • Reports
  • Formal presentations


High Stakes

  • Meetings
  • Board updates
  • Performance reviews
  • Media relations
  • Speaking engagements
  • Negotiations


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this program can help you

  • Gain confidence and become more persuasive 1
  • Respond to difficult situations on-the-spot 2
  • Sell the benefits of ideas, products or services 3
  • Get to the point and be memorable 4
  • Deliver sensitive information 5
  • Guide listeners’ responses and stay in control of the conversation 6

Think on Your Feet® has been successfully conducted in 30 countries with more than half a million participants, it is now available in


Program Content
This structured communication program introduces you to the ‘capsules-of-persuasion’ concept – 10 impactful plans that make your communication precise and clear.

day one

Module One: Getting to the Point +

Learn techniques on how to structure your ideas simply and clearly. In this module you will be able to identify different informal situations and adjust accordingly

Module Two: Presenting Your Ideas +

Use three-part plans to place your ideas into a simple, unifying structure. In this module, you will learn how to slow down and organize your thoughts to answer questions fast.

Module Three: When You're Caught Off Guard +

Learn to deal with difficult, high-stake conversations. In this module you’ll learn to make sense out of a mass of facts and explain step-by-step processes. Clearly.

Module Four: Handing Questions Quickly, Clearly and Persuasively +

By following the "Rule of Three's" you'll learn to create logical pegs to hang your thoughts on. We also teach you how to close arguments effectively.

Module Five: Using Visual Pegs as Your Structure +

Metaphors and visual representation will be used to support complex topics. We'll teach you how to add depth to your message and become more memorable.

Module Six: Divide Information in Facets, Aspects or Perspectives +

Address issues from different viewpoints. Here you practice expressing thoughtfulness and objectivity within your argument.

day two

Module Seven: Bridging from Question to Answer +

Buy yourself enough time to answer the question correctly. In this module, we teach you how to handle those tough questions with clarity and impact.

Module Eight: Expanding Your Listener's Perspective +

Learn how to move from small details to the big picture, handle sensitive information and counter sweeping generalizations.

Module Nine: Moving Two Opposing Viewpoints to a Middle Ground +

Deal with controversial topics by negotiating a win-win outcome. In this module, we teach you how to move to action and achieve results.

Module Ten: Selling the Benefits of Your Ideas +

Show advantages to your listener by presenting benefits, not features. Here, we teach you how to employ the "So What?" test.
Module Eleven: Illustrating Your Ideas +
Use examples to increase understanding. You'll learn how to develop ideas through the use of opposites and explain an idea by cause and effect.

Module Twelve: Telling a Story +

Learn how to tell an engaging story by ensuring all relevant information is included. We teach you the 5Ws as your idea peg and how to combine it with other Think On Your Feet® techniques.

Module Thirteen: Putting it All Together +

Here, we put your skills to the test and put you in real high-pressure situations where you're forced to use Think On Your Feet® concepts.


GrowthLeap In the 17th century, French philosopher Rene Descartes wrote the remarkable book, Discourse on Method. He not only coined the most famous line in philosophy ("I think, therefore I am"), he also described the essence of clear reasoning.

In the 20th century, a distinguished Canadian, Dr. Keith Spicer, developed Think on Your Feet®, and based it on the ideas of Descartes, and other great thinkers. His genius was to add his media experience plus insights from brain research. The result was a new, but practical, approach to clarity and persuasion.

Spicer said: "This workshop stems from a simple idea: you can't talk (or write) straight unless you can think straight. And clear, coherent thinking demands not so much genius as structure."

Today, Think on Your Feet® is used in more than 30 countries.

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Our Methodology

FUN X Content = Results ®
  • Unique delivery with right mix of Fun & Content
  • Experiential learning making it easy to learn
  • In depth Practice to ensure application
Reinforce Learning through
  • Webinars to deepen learning and support application
  • Additional Curated Content to share current trends and best practices
  • Free Lifetime Access to Alumni Forum for ongoing learning

Program Content and Options at a Glance

Details TOYF–One Day TOYF–Two Day TOYF–Two Days+ Blended Learning * Virtual TOYF (Webinar Based)
Getting to the Point & Being Remembered GrowthLeap GrowthLeap GrowthLeap GrowthLeap
Presenting Your Ideas with Speed & Clarity GrowthLeap GrowthLeap GrowthLeap GrowthLeap
Using Handy Fall-Back Techniques When You’re Caught Off Guard GrowthLeap GrowthLeap GrowthLeap GrowthLeap
Handling Questions Quickly, Clearly & Persuasively GrowthLeap GrowthLeap GrowthLeap GrowthLeap
Using "Visual" Pegs as Your Structure GrowthLeap GrowthLeap GrowthLeap GrowthLeap
Dividing Information into Facets, Aspects or Perspectives GrowthLeap GrowthLeap GrowthLeap GrowthLeap
Bridging from Question to Answer GrowthLeap GrowthLeap GrowthLeap GrowthLeap
Expanding or Focusing Your Listener’s Perspective GrowthLeap GrowthLeap GrowthLeap GrowthLeap
Moving Two Opposing Viewpoints to a Middle Ground GrowthLeap GrowthLeap GrowthLeap GrowthLeap
Selling the Benefits of Your Ideas, Products, Services GrowthLeap GrowthLeap GrowthLeap GrowthLeap
Illustrating Your Ideas GrowthLeap GrowthLeap GrowthLeap GrowthLeap
Telling a Story: What? Where? When? Why? GrowthLeap GrowthLeap GrowthLeap GrowthLeap
Putting it All Together - Advanced Think on Your Feet® drills GrowthLeap GrowthLeap GrowthLeap GrowthLeap
Think on Your Feet® Speed Networking GrowthLeap GrowthLeap GrowthLeap GrowthLeap
Intensive Practice Sessions GrowthLeap GrowthLeap GrowthLeap GrowthLeap
Webinars to deepen learning and support application of learning GrowthLeap GrowthLeap 3 Webinars GrowthLeap
Additional Curated Content to share current trends and best practices GrowthLeap GrowthLeap GrowthLeap GrowthLeap
Free Lifetime Access to Alumni Forum GrowthLeap GrowthLeap GrowthLeap GrowthLeap
Duration One day Two days Two days plus blended learning over 3 months 90 Minutes session/week for 12 weeks
Batch Size 15-20 15-20 15-20 20-25

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