Being able to communicate effectively is the most important of all life skills. People in organisations spend over 75% of their time in interpersonal situations. So what you speak and more importantly how you do it determines whether you are able to get the desired results or foster healthy relationships.

Communication has many dimensions but one of the most important factor in communication is to check if your audience understood what you wanted to convey and you have inspired them to take an action based on what you said. Each one of us want that, isn't it? But the question is How?

Well, we don't have a Magic wand to make this available to you (wish we had) but we certainly have some great tools and techniques which can help you become a good communicator. Take a look at some of the programs that we have where you may see our passion and innovation at play.
An internationally acclaimed workshop that helps you structure your thoughts and communicate in both planned and unplanned events.Know More
A workshop that enables you to impress your audience by presenting yourself and your content with impact.Know More

GrowthLeap We believe that there is infinite potential in each of us and if we were to recognize and honor this potential, it would lead to enormous Growth. Growth for us is beyond just change in lifestyle, titles and numbers. While we value each of these, for us these are manifestation of something larger, Growth within us. We have experienced this for ourselves and have been huge beneficiaries of the same, so it is now our endeavour to make this available to many others.

We do this by offering programs that can bring out the hidden potential in you so that you can show up more powerfully. Whether it is communicating in a way that can get you attention, presenting with power & panache, making your training programs come alive or leading your teams to a bright future, you can count on us to bring out the best in you.

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why us

Novel programs

Our programs are carefully chosen and have been tested across hierarchies and in different geographies. These programs are not just about the content, they have an identity of their own. We have seen that participants who attend our program have a keen interest before the program, deep engagement during the program, and quick recall for many years after the program as well.

Impactful Facilitation

For us Facilitation is not a job that we do, it is a culmination of our life experiences. Whatever we bring to you, we first apply it in our professional and personal lives; we bring this experience of how it worked for us to our programs. This makes our programs Authentic and Impactful.

Clearly Defined Outcomes

We start anything that we do with a clear end in mind. The end can be as simple as a ‘memorable experience’ in a short program or making sure that our participants acquire a clearly defined skill set in a blended program. We also work with organizations in achieving concrete business goals in our long term interventions ensuring ROI for every rupee that you spend.



Vinod Sudhindra

Facilitator, Business Builder,
Automobile enthusiast,
Gadget freak, Spiritual Seeker

Vinod is a wizard who is engaged in a variety of things in his life. You may catch him in quiet meditation at one moment while at another he may be zooming off on his bike. He feels at ease in all of the roles that he plays, be it facilitating a shift in mindset for leaders, building new business models for his current & upcoming ventures or being a doting father & husband, he can wear different hats quite effortlessly.

He is on the pursuit of elevating himself, to connect with a higher power, or simply his higher self. He believes there is more to the world than what is easily seen, than what meets the eye. He believes in the infinite potential that we have and has always pushed himself and others to explore that potential.




Fitness enthusiast, Himalayan Trekker,
Blogger, Ultra hyperactive mom,

Sumana is quiet person, who loves her solitude and connects most with nature. Don't get carried away by her generally calm demeanor, she is actually a feisty lady who rarely takes No for an answer. Perseverant, when she sets her eye on something, she will make sure she has her way. She loves cooking and exploring the offbeat places on the roads less travelled. She finds solace in driving and hopes to participate in car rally someday.

She discovered her passion for training by chance and there has been no looking back post that. She is adept at building lasting relationships with diverse people and this comes to her very naturally. She connects with people effortlessly and is intuitive and savvy in perceiving people's needs.

She also loves to write and has a blog page on how eventful life is.

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