‘Passionate is who we are, persevere is what we do and people is whose lives we touch’

GrowthLeap We are a new born baby with an old soul. Do we sound too eclectic, don’t be apprehensive, what we mean is our entity maybe new, but the people behind this entity have been doing this kind of work over the last several years.

Whether it is helping executives hone their communication skills, enabling trainers to make their sessions lively or partnering with organizations in delivering impactful leadership programs, we have been there, done that.

We have a wide variety of Internationally acclaimed programs as well as interventions that have been carefully crafted. Everyone would say that, what then sets us apart?

People who have worked with us will vouch for passion, fun and energy in our programs, not to forget the outcomes for which they signed up.

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why us

Novel programs

Our programs are carefully chosen and have been tested across hierarchies and in different geographies. These programs are not just about the content, they have an identity of their own. We have seen that participants who attend our program have a keen interest before the program, deep engagement during the program, and quick recall for many years after the program as well.

Impactful Facilitation

For us Facilitation is not a job that we do, it is a culmination of our life experiences. Whatever we bring to you, we first apply it in our professional and personal lives; we bring this experience of how it worked for us to our programs. This makes our programs Authentic and Impactful.

Clearly Defined Outcomes

We start anything that we do with a clear end in mind. The end can be as simple as a ‘memorable experience’ in a short program or making sure that our participants acquire a clearly defined skill set in a blended program. We also work with organizations in achieving concrete business goals in our long term interventions ensuring ROI for every rupee that you spend



Vinod Sudhindra

Facilitator, Business Builder,
Automobile enthusiast,
Gadget freak, Spiritual Seeker

Vinod is a wizard who is engaged in a variety of things in his life. You may catch him in quiet meditation at one moment while at another he may be zooming off on his bike. He feels at ease in all of the roles that he plays, be it facilitating a shift in mindset for leaders, building new business models for his current & upcoming ventures or being a doting father & husband, he can wear different hats quite effortlessly.

He is on the pursuit of elevating himself, to connect with a higher power, or simply his higher self. He believes there is more to the world than what is easily seen, than what meets the eye. He believes in the infinite potential that we have and has always pushed himself and others to explore that potential.




Fitness enthusiast, Himalayan Trekker,
Blogger, Ultra hyperactive mom,

Sumana is quiet person, who loves her solitude and connects most with nature. Don't get carried away by her generally calm demeanor, she is actually a feisty lady who rarely takes No for an answer. Perseverant, when she sets her eye on something, she will make sure she has her way. She loves cooking and exploring the offbeat places on the roads less travelled. She finds solace in driving and hopes to participate in car rally someday.

She discovered her passion for training by chance and there has been no looking back post that. She is adept at building lasting relationships with diverse people and this comes to her very naturally. She connects with people effortlessly and is intuitive and savvy in perceiving people's needs.

She also loves to write and has a blog page on how eventful life is.

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Leadership Development
Do People Really Change? By Vinod Sudhindra Last few weeks, I have been very irritated with people around me who needs to change but are not changing, this irritation turned to frustration and eventually to the elusive question "Do People Really Change?". This led me to interesting conversations with many people and most of them believing that People don't really change. In one such conversation, the person posed the question back to me asking "Have you changed?". This hit me very hard and I had to be true to this person (& myself). I took a while to reflect back on my life and the truth was that in many ways I have not changed too, I have been same whether they be aspects that are good or not so good. Upon reflecting a bit more, what was also true was that I have grown in my life, grown in the way I look at things, grown in the way I deal with people, grown to accept a few aspects about me and others, grown and made peace with my past.
Think on your feet®
The Power of Three while communicating ! By Vinod Sudhindra Three is a powerful number in the field of communication! History has shown us how this was used effectively – The US Declaration of Independence mentions three inalienable rights – Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness and the French adopted the motto of ‘Liberty, Equality and Fraternity’!

Over the years, leaders too have used this very effectively. Julius Caesar said, ‘Vini, Vidi, Vici ‘ ( I came, I saw, I conquered).  Martin Luther King Jr., the civil rights activist and preacher used the power of three in many of his influential speeches. In one of his speeches he talks about "insult, injustice and exploitation," and "justice, good will and brotherhood."
The Magic of Making Training Fun®
I. Why FUN? Does a FUN session bring to mind the picture of a group of learners laughing so hard they can hardly remain seated in their chairs? Not a bad idea, considering we could all do with some laughs, but that is not exactly what we have in mind. We are thinking of FUN as a much more serious concept, one where we hope to bring back into the training session the sense of wonder, exploration, and discovery which we somehow lost progressively as we left childhood.

When we think of the traditional classroom or training session, what comes to mind is the yawning gap between the deep engrossment of a child in the midst of a discovery and the ‘when will this end’ expressions of adult learners forced into the room by corporate training plans and held imprisoned by learning strategies wholly out of place for adults.
The Magic of Making Training Fun®
Why should training programs be FUN Is the use of FUN something that trainers, facilitators or learning specialists can avoid without affecting learning results?

Research shows us that it is highly unlikely for great learning results when the delivery is devoid of FUN.

In my 30 over years of experience in delivering sessions and attending training, I have found the use of FUN to be a very powerful tool to gain learner attention, promote participation and accelerate retention. The resistance towards the use of FUN tools may largely be attributed towards the stereotyped perceptions of FUN. Many years ago, the late Dr. Surjit Singh, a Malaysian trainer, differentiated the use of FUN and being funny in a jovial manner. Rather than share the lengthy research background, suffice to say for now, we can certainly say the use of FUN is a purpose driven activity; being funny is largely trivial without a purpose, when taken in the context of learning. How many times have we heard participants murmuring that while the trainer is a content expert and is very knowledgeable, the sessions are very hard to pay attention to? We have also heard learners grumbling about all funny activities and jokes without any relevance to content.

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